Top 10 Home Decor Trends for a Chic Living Space


The living room is one of the home areas that is used a lot. This space is where people unwind, spend some quality and relax. The living space should be an area that looks stylish, but at the same time, it needs to be comfy. If you want to redesign or decorate your living space and give it an elegant yet homey look, this article is just for you.

Here, you have ten home décor trends that are very popular. Their trends include furniture color, flooring, décor, and so many other things. So, let's jump into the article and see these 2023 living space décor trends.

10 Living Space Décor Trends:

Below is a list of 10 notable trends that will make your living space more colorful and attractive.

1.Choosing More Attractive Pieces:

In the past, it was seen that there was a particular layout of the living room. Everyone had two matching swivels or sofa sets in their living space. Table lamps on either side of the sofa with a small coffee table in the middle. However, this formulaic arrangement is changing, and people are looking for other creative ways to decorate their living spaces.


Now, more colorful and unique pieces are used in the living space to make it look more personalized. Distinct chair designs, leather chairs, bean bags, and similar furniture are used to make a stand.

2.Neutral Colors:

Neutral colors are trending, becoming one of the favorite color schemes for living spaces. Neutral colors give a warm and calming effect to the living room. It is also great for getting an open and more giant space illusion. The neutral colors can include light blues and pink because they look very pleasing to the eyes and are eye-catching.

3.Accent Walls:

Accent walls have now become a staple in many households. This is the easiest way to add color to the room without overwhelming it. You can make a lot of different patterns and designs with the accent wall and fulfill your fantasy. With the help of an accent wall, you can make your living space unique and add your own touch to it.

4.Fun and Exciting Pieces:

Another thing you can do in the living space to make it more fun and different is to add fun and exciting pieces. You can add unique sofas and bean bags to make the area more fun for the people. However, when using different parts in your living room, you must ensure that everything is cohesive and looks very put together.

Furthermore, you can add props to fun paintings and images to elevate your living space and infuse it with fun and uniqueness. If you want to create a study corner for yourself, you can rely on interesting table décor ideas with some books, decoration pieces, and interestingly designed eyewear.

For the eyewear thingy, you can rely on Deeyeco. It provides unconventional eyewear designs that stand out from the crowd. With their innovative frames and eye-catching patterns, you can turn your eyewear into a statement piece, making your overall look more dynamic and exciting when elevating your table décor aesthetics.

5.Velvet Supremacy:

Velvet is considered one of the world's most royal and elegant textiles. It is seen that a lot of people are now using velvet in their furniture to give their living room a luxurious look. Velvet sofas have become very trendy, and you can find a lot of different colors in the market. This adored fabric is also used as a cloth cover and a runner on sofas. This material will significantly impact the interior of the living room and make it look exquisite.

Therefore, investing in velvet furniture might be the best option to make your living room stunning and elegant.

6.Decorative Lighting:

Decorative lighting is another trend that will help you make your living room more chic. There are so many elegant designs that you can now find in the market. There are simple and elegant ones that can be used when you are going for a minimal interior. Some extravagant ones are perfect for people who like bold and oversized designs. Hence, decorating your living room with lights can be fun to amp up the entire look.


7.Using Creative Wallpaper:

Wallpapers are another fun and creative way to add color and patterns to your living space. You can find a variety of these wallpapers. Some come with fun designs; some come with the skyline of different countries. You can even find solid wallpapers. This will help you create the dream living room with the perfect colors.

You can also use the wallpapers for different purposes, such as using it for framing windows, using it as an accent wall, and many other things. Hence, wallpaper is a fantastic thing to decorate the room and make it more elegant and aesthetic.

8.Painted Ceilings:

Usually, people like to keep their ceiling white or off-white. However, this trend is changing drastically. The painted ceilings trend is becoming very popular to make the living room more trendy. Sometimes, the same color of the walls is used for the ceiling to give a more cohesive and elongated look. Other than that, people who want to add more color to the room also use different shades of roofs.

9.Decorative and Curvaceous Cabinetry:

We all know the struggle that comes with storing all the things that are present in the house. Sometimes, the house might not look pretty because of too much storage. Now, you can up the storage game by adding decorative and curvaceous cabinetry. There are so many designs of cabinets currently present that look extremely elegant and will elevate the entire structure of the living room while increasing the space. Hence, this is a fantastic option to make your living room more aesthetic.

10.Vintage Vibes:

Who prefers to leave some vintage touch to their house? The vintage trend is the right way to express yourself and add fantastic, sensual, vintage-looking pieces to your living space. This will make your living space look unique, and you can showcase these rare pieces.


Decorating the living room can be an overwhelming process. There are so many things that you need to find that match your liking. Therefore, this article has fantastic tips to help make your living room look chic.