How to Declutter Your Digital Life and Increase Productivity


The world that we are living in revolves around digital working, social media, and working online. It is seen that decluttering your digital life can be as challenging and overwhelming as decluttering your wardrobe. When phones and laptops are filled with documents and files, it can start looking messy, and keeping track of everything can become challenging.

Digital decluttering is more involved than pressing a delete button. You need to figure out the files you want to keep, the data you might need in the future, and many other things. This entire process can be very stimulating and stressful. But now you don't need to worry because, in this article, we have mentioned some easy ways to declutter your digital life.

How to Declutter Digital Devices and Increase Productivity?

Decluttering your digital life is essential to eliminate distractions and increase productivity. Mentioned below are some of the ways through which you can do this work easily.


1.Assess the Files and Apps:

The first and most crucial step is to assess everything present on your devices. Ensure you check all your devices, such as your iPads, computer, phones, and other devices. Look at the files that you have and the accounts you have on different apps. List the things you might want and the apps you don't use anymore.


The next important thing is that you need to unsubscribe from the emails that you no longer need. This will make your emails look clean, and you can find important emails quickly.

Another thing that you need to do is unsubscribe from the apps that you no longer use. Unwanted notifications and apps on your desktop can be very distracting. Therefore, removing everything from the devices is best to have easy access.

3.Deleting Unwanted Software:

Sometimes, you download applications and software on your devices and never use them. This is the perfect time to delete those applications. Not only your home screen will look clean and organized, but it will also help you free up some storage on your phone. It will also help your devices work faster and improve overall performance.

4.Organize Your Files and Documents:

This is one of the most essential parts when decluttering the devices. Take your documents, photos, and other important files and start categorizing them. Make sure you are naming the files correctly so that you can find everything easily when you need it.


5.Using a Good Web Browser:

When decluttering and setting up everything, take this chance and set up a good browser. The browser is critical; therefore, find something that works properly. Google Chrome even allows users to set up different accounts. This can be beneficial as it will enable you to keep your personal and work-related accounts different. If your family uses your computer, you can create other accounts to separate everything.

6.Clear your Inbox:

The inbox holds a lot of unwanted messages and emails. When you are decluttering, tackling your inbox is very important. Some people find it very time-consuming; however, now there is a "Select All Messages" option. So, choose this option to delete the messages from your inbox quickly.

When it comes to email, there are different ways through which you can sort out the emails and then delete them. One of the easiest ways to do this is by grouping everything one sender sends and pressing the delete button.

7.Clean Your Downloaded Folder:

This is the area in the devices that is very easily overlooked. Your download folder can take up unnecessary space on your devices. So, when decluttering and organizing your computer and phones, delete unwanted files from the download folder. It will free up much space from your hardware and make the device.

8.Clean your Desktop:

Your device's desktop or home screen should look clean and organized. This is why make folders on your desktop for the documents you want easy access. The applications that you don't need all the time remove it from the desktop. Other than that, you can even organize the folders in alphabetical order. This will make it easy to keep track of everything and find the files when needed.

It is crucial to mention that you will spend much time on your computer organizing everything. Longer work time can stress your eyesight, so you must have quality computer glasses to relieve stress.

Brands like Deeyeco offer a wide range of stylish and well-organized eyewear, helping you maintain a clean and organized desktop or home screen on your device is essential for seamless efficiency. You can do that with style, just like Deeyeco prioritizes clarity and ease of access in their product range.

9.Managing your Photos and Videos:

Photos and videos can also get messy and take up a lot of space on your devices. This means you also need to remove the unwanted images. There are a lot of times when there are duplicates of one photo, so make sure you delete them. You can also start organizing the pictures and videos into different folders. You can create the folders according to the people, locations, and themes.

When organizing the photos and videos, keep a backup of your photos. There are different cloud services through which you keep everything safe. You can also use hard drives to keep everything safe and secure.

10.Turn Off the Notifications:

When you have a lot of different applications on your devices, the notifications can become very annoying. This is why turn off the statements of the not-too-essential applications. Turning off the message will make it easy to keep up with the essential things, and nothing will get lost.

11.Maintaining the Habit of Digital Decluttering:

You might need help understanding the power of digital decluttering. This is not something that you do one time, and you are set for a lifetime. You need to be consistent with it; after every few months, you need to declutter everything. There are different digital decluttering calendars available online that you can use to know when you need to start organizing your things.


As digital devices have made our lives easy, some aspects also make it hard. Keeping your devices organized and maintained is very important so that you can keep everything correctly and have access to all the documents. Therefore, once every few months, make sure you are removing unwanted data from your devices so you can focus and increase your productivity.