How to Mix Prints Like a Pro?


It is essential to implement the technique of mixing different prints; it can do a lot more to your look than you think. Combining various prints can add more to your style and make a bold fashion statement. At first, the art of print mixing may seem intimidating. But no need to worry! In this article, we will break down the dos and don'ts of print mixing and share expert tips on how to mix prints like a pro.

Understanding Print Mixing

Combining different patterns for a single outfit can create a visually exciting look. The key is to achieve a cohesive and balanced appearance that allows each print to shine. Whether pairing stripes with floral designs or mixing geometric patterns with animal prints, mastering the art of print mixing requires an eye for colour and scale. By thoughtfully blending contrasting prints, you can generate a beautiful, balanced, eye-catching look.

Choose a Dominant Print

Pick one leading print as the focus and build your look around it to avoid an overwhelming look. This print will be the main character of your outfit, while the other prints will complement and enhance its presence and beauty.

To be the star of the show, opt for a bold, eye-catching print, such as florals, stripes, or animal prints.

Use A Neutral Base 

Starting with a neutral base can be helpful when experimenting with print mixing. Neutral colours provide an appropriate base, allowing any print or colour to stand out fully and independently. Consider using neutral-coloured garments, such as a beige skirt, a white shirt, or a black top, as the base for your print mixing experiments.

Mix Prints of Different Scales

When combining prints, it is essential to consider the scale of each pattern. Pairing prints of varying scales creates visual contrast and adds interest and depth to your outfit. For example, a floral-print skirt can go well with a black shirt or even something funky and colourful. Experiment with different scales to create visually appealing combinations.

Combining Various Fabrics and Textures 

Incorporating knit, velvet, or lace fabrics can elevate your look and create an excellent combination of prints. Mixing distinct textures brings richness and beauty to your outfit, making it engaging from all angles.

Accessorizing Thoughtfully

When accessorizing an outfit with mixed prints, sometimes less is more. Opt for simple yet pretty jewellery that complements the prints rather than overshadowing them. A nice, low-key bag, shoes, or delicate jewellery can balance out the boldness of the prints and allow them to steal the show. If you choose statement accessories, pick ones that echo the colours or patterns in your prints for a bold overall look. Remember that jewellery is worn to complement your clothing; if it overshadows it, you are going wrong.

Confidence Is Important

Confidence is critical when mixing different prints. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and your style. Being bold, taking risks, and making decisions that help you step out of your comfort zone is essential. Mix different prints and enjoy the joy of creating your outfits with your unique style but with confidence.

Consider the Color Contrast and Balance

When combining different prints, it is essential to consider both contrast and balance. Contrast can make an outfit attractive by pairing prints that differ in pattern, size, or texture. However, it is equally important to maintain balance in your outfit and avoid overwhelming the fit. If one print is particularly bold or busy, balance it with a more subtle or understated print elsewhere in your ensemble.

Layering Solids

If you are new to mixing prints or feel uncertain about combining multiple prints, start by layering prints with solid-coloured items. For instance, pair a printed blouse with a solid-coloured blazer to complement the outfit and create a bold look. Mixing prints with solids allows you to experiment with pattern mixing while maintaining a sense of balance and sophistication in the outfit. 

Wear Outfits with Confidence!

Most importantly, wear your print-mixed looks with confidence. Fashion is all about showing yourself and being expressive. Moreover, it is about being comfortable with anything you wear. With comfort, there comes confidence. Feel free to experiment and take risks with different print combinations. Trust your instincts and own your unique style. Embrace those print-mixed outfits and rock them proudly. Take risks with fashion; you never know what will work for you. Some classic print combinations: Plaid and paisley: Wear a blazer with a skirt or scarf to create a sophisticated yet unique look. Stripes and florals - wear a striped top with a floral dress. This will give a playful and carefree look without compromising on elegance. Geometric and abstract—Mix geometric patterns like triangles or chevrons with the prints for a modern, edgy style. Polka dots and leopard - mix polka dot pants with a leopard print top for a bold, appealing, and fashionable outfit. The key is to have fun and express your sense of style. Always experiment and know what works best for you. Take risks and enhance your look every chance you get.


As we wrap up this article after going through the world of print mixing, one thing stands out: fashion is an everlasting way for self-expression and creativity. Mixing prints can be a fun and stylish way to express your personality. The possibilities are endless, from pairing stripes with floral patterns to layering plaids with polka dots. Understanding the art of contrast and balance is essential when mixing prints. Experiment with different combinations and accessorize thoughtfully to create an appealing look. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. That is where the real magic happens.